Hello Everyone!!

17 03 2010

Welcome everybody!

      This is a site that will be dedicated to saving you time, money and give you valuable tips to help you with your everyday lives. Feel free to leave a comment on a tip that will help us all. It can be tips on, relationships, gardening, controlling clutter, cooking tips, travel, buying groceries, saving time and money, etc. Please, keep the tips clean.  Please note the links to your right for specific catergories that can be commented on. Enjoy yourself and if you have any tips for me about this site feel free to let me know.

                Thank you,

                       Cathy Christian


I cannot be held responsible for any tip that does not work or creates any damage. I will do my best to screen all posts and delete those that are potentially harmful to your person or item in your home. Iwill also only endorse items that I will use myself!

Cathy Christian

Here are some tips to get us started:

  Save your washer and dryer. It has been reported to me by my appliance maintenence man that the thing that does the worst damage to the washer machine is using to much soap, especially the front loader washer. Some people think if they do not see a lot of soap that their clothes will not get clean. Todays laundry detergents are designed to be low sudsing and you should see very little suds in the wash. One way to check is to take  4 or 5 bath towels and wash with NO soap. If suds come out in the water you are using to much soap. I tried this and had to wash my towels 4 times with no soap to get it all out. Too much soap gums up the inner workings of the washer and hurts the machinary. It is also good to run about 1 to 2 cups of plain white vinegar and water through the washer once per month to clean it. In the dryer it is best not to use fabric dryer sheets. They clog up your lint trap and even melt into your dryer. Try this test. Take out your lint trap, wipe out any lint. Run water over the lint trap. The water should run through freely. If it does not, your trap is clogged and is not allowing air to travel through. This can cause your heating element to burn out in your dryer. To fix this. Take a brush (I use an old toothbrush), mild dish soap, and warm water. Gently scrub your lint trap and rinse throughly. Water should run through freely if done well. Do this once every few months. Bonus: your clothes get dry quicker. Also, if you are a die hard fabric sheet user try this instead. Take a clean rag and spritz fabric softener on it and toss it in the dryer. Home made dryer sheet! It is cheaper to use because you can use it several times before for spritzing again. Another bonus: Good on the enviroment. You are reusing the sheets. The sheets from the store do not easily decompose.